Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012
   Today is the day after Christmas.  We had a great Christmas, as always we are blessed.  Scott was able to have Christmas Eve day and Christmas day off, he usually does and I just wanted to take a minute to recognize that we are blessed in that area.  I know so many families have to sacrifice time with their loved ones for their jobs.  I am very greatful that we have always had him home with us on Christmas.  Scott's parents got to go to Oregon this year so we stayed at my moms all day.  She was probably tired of us by the time the day was over.  Christmas Eve it is our tradition to go with my mom and dad to the graves.  We visit Amy's and both sets of my grandparents, one in Ogden and one in Layton.  This year it was snowing so we decided not to venture out with them (it didn't end up snowing as much as it was going we probably could have gone.)  We did meet them at Amy's grave and take her a little flower.  I still hate that I have to visit her grave instead of HER.  We then all met at my mom's and had pizza and played games with the kids and Kristin and Jeremy.  My kids were CRAZY with excitement, which is fun but can be draining, I wouldn't want it any other way though.  I am dreading the day when I don't have little excited kids waiting for Santa to come.  Hopefully by that time I will have grandkids???  I am pretty sure that this is the last year that Zack will allow us to continue to believe that he believes in Santa.  I think he has been questioning for some time now, but has not come right out and said it.  It's sad to me how fast he has grown up.  Jacob was not feeling good at my mom's so we came home not super early but earlier then we would have normally.  As soon as we walked in the door, he went upstairs to get his jammies on and was standing at the top of the stairs RIGHT NEXT TO THE BATHROOM and threw up all down the stairs :(  I kept telling him to go in the bathroom (at least then he wouldn't have stunk up the carpet) but he was so freaked out about it that he didn't quite know what to do...None of the kids have thrown up for years we have been very lucky in that sense.  Poor kid was so upset that he was sick on Christmas Eve, but he went to bed and felt much better on Christmas morning.  Scott and I waited for the kids to go to bed....meaning of course that what we really were waiting for was for Zack to go to sleep (which he always seems to have a hard time doing)  In some ways I think our lives on Christmas will be easier when he finally does admit that he no longer believes in Santa just for the simple fact that we can get some sleep!  After he was asleep we called my dad who brought down Emma's kitchen and we pulled the rest of the stuff out.  I just had a hysterectomy and my appendix out two weeks ago so by this time I could hardly lift my legs to walk I was hurting so much.  The kids woke up on Christmas morning and had a great Christmas.  Zack's big gift from Santa was a Nintendo DS 3  and Jacob's was a Nook. They were both really excited about what they got,  Emma was happy with her kitchen and has been "cooking" in it ever since.  Zack now wants to take his D.S. back to get a we will see what we can do.  Scott's big gift was a "retro style" ATARI...from the olden days as Zack would say.  My big gift was a sewing machine.  I am sooooooooo excited!

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